Jared Grey
3 min readJan 16, 2023
Revitalizing Sushi in 2023


  • Make Sushi a market-leading DEX obsessively focused on users.
  • Release our DEX aggregation router, increasing swap volumes & fees.
  • A decentralized organizational structure to promote product autonomy.
  • Newly optimized tokenomics & improving liquidity, sustainability, community ownership, & Treasury diversification.
  • Launch Sushi’s decentralized incubator: Sushi Studios.


Our goal is to become a market-leading DEX by improving our product stack & delivering feature parity to provide a firm foundation enabling innovation, like biased LP routes via our aggregation router & concentrated liquidity coming in Q1. And with practical educational resources like Sushi Academy, we will remain the community-driven DEX onboarding the next era of crypto users. We will maintain decentralization’s best principles, like self-custody, equitable governance, & permissionless trading. Ultimately, we will provide deep liquidity, optimal pricing, sustainable tokenomics, & an easy-to-use platform, placing you first in everything we build.


In 2022, Sushi built its aggregation router in stealth mode; we will capitalize on its introduction in Q1 ’23 to enter the DEX aggregation business. We believe aggregation helps deliver the best user experience by serving users with optimal pricing. We leverage this innovation by building deeper liquidity in our pools & permitting LPs to benefit from increased swap volumes & fees, leveraging our Trident framework across multiple networks. Additionally, all token holders will benefit from the increased swap revenue leveraged in Sushi’s newly proposed token model, which you can find here: Sushi Tokenomics Redesign — Sushinomics — SushiSwap. Ultimately, we’ve entirely revamped to focus on scalability & sustainability.


Many protocols, like Sushi, must work on scaling operations without depleting their treasury. As a result, Sushi redesigned its business model to promote sustainability in all areas of its business & to focus on scale. First, we redesigned tokenomics to encourage LPs to migrate to Sushi for increased ROI. Second, we revamped our product stack to focus on aggregation to scale swap volumes. Third, we promote deep integration with our network partners, providing them equitable inclusion in the Sushi DEX to help make us the go-to exchange for new token launches. Lastly, we took measures to secure our runway for multi-year operations. Now, Sushi commands ~2% of the AMM market & 0% of the aggregation market. By executing our vision, we intend to 10x our market share in 2023.


Sushi Studios is Sushi’s decentralized incubator that will license the brand to launch independently-funded projects to support ecosystem growth without burdening the DAO treasury. Products like Shoyu, our forthcoming NFT marketplace scheduled for a Q1 launch promoting creator-first utility & features, our perpetual DEX platform, & several stealth products currently in development. These products help increase Sushi’s brand without hindering the DAO’s core DEX focus, the main historical obstacle to Sushi’s horizontal product direction. Sushi has a solid & resilient brand representing the best of DeFi; with Sushi Studios, we can leverage the brand to reach all users.


None of these initiatives will work without your support; we earn your support by acting in your best interests. It’s impossible to avoid scrutiny, but by acting ethically & with transparency, we can best serve our community. We believe that better governance outcomes require increased engagement. As Head Chef, I’ve tasked our team to build a governance dashboard to showcase our budget, project wallets, & audit results for Treasury expenditures, which we’ll make available upon its release. Below is a screenshot; it’s a work in progress, & the final implementation will improve.

Sushi’s Governance Dashboard Coming in Q1 2023.


Sushi stands positioned to reinvent itself & globally promote the best principles of crypto, like financial sovereignty & autonomy, as a market leader while serving users with an improved product stack & sustainable rewards. We’re building for you, & we want your feedback. FWIW, I entered crypto “for the tech” & have a tremendous amount of hope for the future of our industry; & Sushi will lead the way — I hope you will join us.

Cheers to Sushi in 2023!

Yours truly,
Jared Grey — Head Chef